Oculus of Nex- One of the best known tribes in lotro history. In their days Oon was the fastest and highest rank tribe in lotro. They were known for being dominant and did not take death well. OoN had come and gone during SoA and very few players still log in from the tribe.

Defiance- After OoN departed some freeps and creeps had to step up and dominate creep side. Defiance took this role...for a few months. Led by Perseus on his reaver (whose name is forgotten) the tribe did well for a few months before he took a hiatus. At this point the tribe felt it was best to move on and formed Lockdown.

Lockdown- Led by Blackhate lockdown may have been the most powerful tribe in Vilya history. Lockdown had its most dominate times from book 14 in Soa to SoM before its main players started to move on.

Key players of lockdown:

Blackhate- Leader of lockdown.

Spidergod- Crazy southern man the size of a couch. An officer in lockdown and a leader of raids. He was also known as the God of Trolls. He also did an amazing job flipping to freep side and stirring unite up.

Refen- The original pussyface. A target caller and officer of lockdown

Breakmeh- Hides in the back farming stars on his BA...another officer of lockdown. Also the highest ranking creep on Vilya for an extended period of time.

Ernik- The raging reaver. Ernik called targets and led many raids for vilya creeps. Ernik was known for getting upset, forming a raid, and leading the greenies to victory. Ernik was brothers with Megus. Ernik eventually left Lockdown after lockdown slowed down and joined Notz's before getting perma banned. For an extended period of time Ernik was the highest ranked creep on vilya.

Sugem- Sugem aka Megus quit lockdown in tears not long after the forming of the tribe. After this Ernik and Megus were known for nerd raging then calling each other and screaming into the phone.

Oskir- The fearing defiler of lockdown. During SoA Oskir was 1/2 defilers who actually played and he did it well.

Notz's- Notz's is known as the tribe with the most perma bans in Vilya history. Led by Mashedpotatoe. The tribe was put together not long after MoM and the opness of the freeps. The tribe was formed by reaver mashedpotatoe and defiler ancthetankcalador. The tribe was known for gutsy play and would back down from few fights. Notz's mostly small grouped but would join with the lockdown raids during prime time to combat the large number of OP freeps. Eventually Notz's started to expand and even included R11 reaver Ernik into their tribe. Eventually Notz's was renamed to RenamedNTZ after Deathpuppy reported the name (after a full year of the name being just fine) because he got upset over the number 9999999999 (different story...see CoTs history).

Key players of Notz's:

Mashedpotatoe- Leader of Notz's and one of their main creeps. Mashedpotatoe was one of the quickest ranking creeps during its time in MoM. After achieving R8 Mashedpotatoe was perma banned (see Slinadan). Mashed re rolled a reaver as mashedtata and took leadership of RenamedNTZ and hit R8 again.

Ancthetankcalador- Anc used mashedpotatoe as a meat shield and soaked up points from him as a defiler. The Dou ranked quickly during MoM and never backed down from a fight.

Ernik- See lockdown section

Notsinvorn- Was perma banned and only ranked once with RenamedNTZ

mmorgan and his creeps- To many to list...

Flyingspaghettimonster- The main WL of Notz's.

Paradox- R7 WL and one of the main WL's on Notz's

Red Maw