Vilya's Freepside players and kinships:

During Shadows of Angmar, three kinships took hold of freepside. Conviction, Covenant of the Sword, and Kindred of the Damned.

Conviction: Led by Indecent, Conviction was clearly the most accomplished of the three. With server and world firsts in Helegrod, members or Conviction acquired the best gear so were close to unstoppable in the Ettenmoors (Only in a full raid). Members of Conviction were elitist assholes; almost as bad as Under and Over It. If you pulled a mob, didn't use a skill, or lagged you would usually get bitched at. During the release of the Rift, a 12 man raid during SoA, Conviction once again racked up many world first within a month or so of the raid's release. Many became skeptical of these achievements, some even accused a player by the name of Fantus as a LoTRO developer who gave all the strats to his kinship. Though it couldn't be proven, the kinship flourished under Indecent, they even had t-shirts made with their kin name on it and a blue dragon, so you know these badasses weren't fucking around, but Indecent's reign over the Vilya server would soon come to an end when Bella entered the picture. Bella was already married to Dagathor, but didn't really care and just gave away nude pics to many people including Indecent. Rumor has it that Indecent's wife found out what he was doing and divorced him. Since he was living in the United States he was deported back to Canada. This dealt a major blow to Conviction and as a last ditch effort to become the number 1 kinship in the world Indecent started to sell full Rift runs for 200g before Mines of Moria was released. This campaign wasn't successful and Indecent fled to Warhammer Online. Even though Conviction isn't a relevant kinship anymore Indecent did carry Vilya on his back to greatness!

Key Players of Conviction

Brandonthorn - a notorious goldtagger who would /follow others in the moors so he could be transported to free points without having to do anything. Also camped crafting mobs for hours so no one else could even try to get them. Brandonthorn's most famous move would be to undercut people or if an item was below a normal price would buy it and repost it to make a quick profit.

Zabab - A Canadian, but it gets worse... a Canadian from the province of Quebec! Was most famous for screaming/crying in voice chat about "wogz" ganking him on STAB. He eventually left LotRO to join Conviction in Warhammer Online. His current whereabouts are unknown.

Hectortheinspector - Possibly the biggest loot whore in all of LotRO. Would kin-hop from CotS to Conviction on the regular. Whoever was downing bosses in Helegrod, Hector was soon to be there. One item drove him to madness, Iorchathol, a 2-handed axe, was the equivalent of the One Ring. The only player who ever won this item is the infamous Turine. Hector soon started transforming into Gollum i.e. Becoming evermore greedy and possibly eating catfish raw. Hector was also known for naming his legendary weapons after famous porn stars, but was strange because he seemed to be all about the "D". Hector has since quit LotRO during Siege of Mirkwood and has lost touch with players who are still playing the game.

Skrull - An egotistical manic, who after downing Thorog 3.0 went off the deep end and deleted Conviction's first website. Only playing for a span of 4 months, no one really cared what became of him.

Covenant of the Sword : Led by Fangnon, CotS was a shittier version of Conviction. You could even look at it like a stepping stone to Conviction meaning players would get geared up in CotS and then leave to join Conviction. Fangnon was a mess... a severe alcoholic, Fangnon wasn't the best decision maker for the kinship and its overall direction. The kinship almost fell into disarray because they couldn't down any bosses in the Rift. It wasn't until players of Conviction were kicked out and didn't have anywhere else to go besides CotS including Shannnannananaanananann, Morrow, and Strater to name a few. With these new additions Cots finally got their heads out their asses and started to down content. A new raid leader was appointed, Exile, a 15 year old child led this band of drunkards to glory. Without his leadership skills many in the kinship would've taken the path of Themadhatter, get drunk and complain about everything. When Fangnon went MIA for an extended period of time Reedwalker was promoted to leader. Just a puppet Exile and Morrow actually ran the show.

Not long after Reedwalker was promoted to leader CotS begin to go down hill. After some time Exile stopped playing the game. Eventually CotS got desperate and Ancalador convinced the kinship to invite Slinadan. Not to long after this Baredor was invited back into the kinship for the 14th time. Together with some other members a secret agency was formed called NotZ's. They began to gain control of the kinship and all the members were untouchable, in some cases the creators of NotZ's were considered officers, due to their ability to manipulate the officers, gain information easily, and have people kicked or blacklisted from the kinship. The next mistake was possibly the biggest of them all, a merger with Barawolf's kinship. Doing so, the handicaps, Sittingbull and Blazeko joined the kinship. From past experience and knowing that Barawolf and Blazeko were douchers, NotZ's called for their immediate dismissal. The officer Panik was given a ultimatum to kick Blazeko or to watch multiple members leave. In response to this Panik kicked Blazeko and the resentment Barawolf had towards NotZ's grew.

Next the kinship began to attempt to down the watcher version 3.0. The only kinship to have downed the raid at this point was Forged By Fire and CotS was in competition with Valhalla. The kinship immediately succeeded in all parts of the raid with the exception or the dreaded knock backs. The frustration came because of two specific players; Barawolf and Starlite. These two players couldn't handle the simplest part of the raid which was staying out of the knock back zone. Morrow became frustrated and did his patented bitching and eventually the minstrel, Starlite quit the kinship. After countless more wipes the kinship finally powered through Barawolf's disability and downed the Watcher raid. Because of these events NotZ's had become extremely frustrated with Barawolf and knew something must happen. Using manipulation, they attempted to convince the officers to stop allowing Barawolf on raids and asked for his dismissal, but the NotZ's planned fourth Reich would soon implode upon itself.

Because of their antics, officers Admo and Aianna as well as Reedwalker did not really favor the NotZ's and wondered about dismissing them instead of Barawolf. Luckily they had the following officers in their pockets - Valahorn, Morrow, Jere, and Alexadav. Panik was irrelevant at this time because he was a Hispanic skater with a possible drug issue. After a short period of success the frustration came back after Morrow went on a vacation. During this week the kinship failed to get any content down and Panik went ballistic. He started to scream and swear at Ancalador after a raid wipe (caused by a Barawolf mistake). After about five minutes of furious screaming at Ancalador, it was brought to Panik's attention that he wasn't on the raid. When this was brought to Ancalador's attention he claimed he was out getting drunk with all his Canadian lumberjack friends and fornicating with beavers. At this point, Panik left in a rage and threw a hissy fit that lasted for an extended period of time.

Not to long after these events Slaeby rejoined the kinship and befriended the NotZ's. Eventually Faaren joined the kinship and began to webcam with Barawolf. This marked the beginning of the end for one of Vilya's oldest kinships. Barawolf and Faaren eventually stole Slaeby's friendship from the NotZ's by alluring him with some horse looking girl who was in the kinship. Tensions rose around the time Dar Nabagud came out. After failing at Dâr Narbugud for a long period of time due to Barawolf being incompetent and end game raiding, the kinship became desperate and promoted Slaeby and Barawolf to officers. Obviously NotZ's protested, but their voice was not heard by Reedwalker in this matter.

As tensions rose Faaren had all her characters deleted as her account was "hacked". Naturally this was found hilarious by all of the NotZ's. After posting a thread about this on the Vilya forums, Slinadan responded by saying "lol". With this Barawolf went into a rage and attempted to boot Slinadan from the kinship. Slinadan was backed by multiple officers and was not dismissed for his supposed crime (which was laughed at by most officers). This feud inside the kinship came to an end at this point after a lengthy discussion by the officers. Barawolf, Slaeby, the horse, and Fareen chose to leave the kinship.

Not to long after this, Seige of Mirkwood was released and many players in CotS stopped playing. After one full month Slinadan received a permanent ban for "harassment". The definition of harassment to the GM +Rockeater was one person lying on the ground while another did pushups on them.The kinship disintegrated and eventually Grickyp and Sullidan assumed leadership. CotS is now a F2P kinship with no competent players.

Key Players of Covenant of the Sword:

Fangnon - The creator and first leader of CotS. A raging alcoholic, he was known for making rash decisions such as getting married in game. His alcoholism got the better of him and Fangnon went MIA for an extended period of time. He later reappeared in the kinship's ventrilo. You could instantly tell he was hammered. He was only in the ventrilo for a brief period of time, but explained to the people in the channel that he paid for the original website's domain which was over $250 and said he would be back the next day to start playing LotRO again and be a pivotal player; like he was at the start of the game... That was the last time Fangnon was ever heard from and no one knows what ever happened to him.

Exile - The "Brains" of the CotS raiding team. If his mom told him to make his bed or fold his laundry the rest of the raid would wait on him because without Exile there was no raid. Was also one of the best freep raid leaders of SoA. He led the first successful freep raid on Dar-Gazag. He also looked like Justin Bieber before it was cool.

Morrow - A refugee from the Conviction cleansing, joined CotS and shared the strats from Conviction so another kinship on Vilya could start downing Thrang and the Balrog. After Reedwalker's brief role as leader, Morrow took over and fought for the top spot against Forged By Fire for the number 1 kinship on Vilya.

Baredor, Slin, Anc, and the rest of Team F - Baredor was a douche, Slin was a retard, Ancalador was a Canadian, Sinvorn was a super douche, and Turine was a pedophile The group had many more followers, including a majority of officers from CotS. Team F was best known for trolling everything, Swim for AIDS benefit, Hippofestion MS paint thread, the formation of NotZ's, and many other horrific events that forever shaped Vilya.

Panik - Nobody liked Panik, there are many reasons why, but the main ones would be because he would use a bot program for farming gold, he treated and talked to people like shit, he bought a $600 video card because it had batman on it, and because he was Mexican.

Admo and Aianna - The worst thing that happened to CotS, well only Admo because he didn't know how to play a hunter and lectured to others on how to play their classes. Aianna was a decent minstrel, but their greed was nothing anyone had encountered before. Once the two were fully equip with end game gear they never showed up for anymore raids and became utterly useless in the kinship. Admo and Aianna had a child during their raiding frenzy, Admo was back at being shitty within a week and Aianna soon followed a few weeks later. Some believe they put their baby in a basket and floated it down a river because they were afraid that their child would steal their hard earned stolen loot. During their reign of terror, Aianna created a free website for the kinship to use and was promoted to officer. This furthered their greed and the duo's story continues with Forged By Fire...

Tamika and Mishak - An earlier version of Admo and Aianna, but both were fairly bad players. None of the officers particularly cared for them, and they eventually joined Conviction.

Valahorn - Starting off in Rangers of Evendim, Valahorn was a nobody, until an event with a Conviction player known as Xelious would forever change his life. During the time of the "The Great Beryal Shard Farm", Valahorn stole a mob from the Conviction player. When it came time to move on, Valahorn applied for Conviction, but Xelious halted his application with Screenshots of their first meetings. Valahorn eventually joined CotS and with hard work became an officer in the kinship. It wasn't until the NotZ's joined the kin that Valahorn soon became corrupted by them, but eventually threw them under the bus during a Dâr Narbugud raid. Valahorn was tired of NotZ's shit talking Barawolf every time he messed up on the Blind One and gave the in game channel information to Morrow who was appalled. Soon, Valahorn came crawling back to NotZ's for their forgiveness and was admitted back into their inner circle.

Kindred of the Damned: Once known as "Wight Trash", but was reported by members of Conviction. Kindred of the Damned was composed of the server's trolls, racists, trash talkers, assholes, and white supremacists. Led by Panamon and a bunch of Canadian lumberjack Eskimos, this group was ahead of CotS in PvMP and PvE. Panamon was notorious for hyping up games, leaving LotRO, and then coming back to restart KotD multiple times, including Age of Conan and Darkfall Online. A major blow was dealt to the kinship, but at the same time was written in the history books of MMOs when Ksarto went to Throin's Hall and found a cosmetic outfit that was similar to that of a K.K.K. member's robes. Since this was a time before white dye, the robes came pre-dyed white and this was perfect for members of KotD. Ksarto spread the news and soon half the kinship stood in Bree and formed a giant lynch mob. Most of these members were banned in the process of the best player ran event in the history of Vilya, but this wasn't the fatal blow to KotD. Panamon was a living source of drama on the official forums for LotRO and decided that it would be a great idea to post a chick getting jizzed on and was soon permanently banned from the forums. As funny as it was, he forever gave up on LotRO and has never came back to revive this great kinship. Kindred of the Damned is currently living up to it's name in Guild Wars 2 under the name of "Wight Trash".

Key Players of Kindred of the Damned:

Panamon - Troll, Ass, Cunt.... Call him what you will, but Panamon was an instigator of shit and made Vilya the leader of rage induced suicides during SoA. He led his kinship through Helegrod, The Rift, and the Ettenmoors with success. Through Panamon's leadership, the K.K.K. Lynch mob is still talked about to this very day, almost 6 years since it happened.

Aendalyn - The Co-Leader of the kinship, only important for being a dude a rolling an elf chick, but that was normal since more than half the male population that plays LotRO did that. You could easily tell that he rolled a female character so in the middle of his DPS rotation he could jerk off, it was an ingenious plan!

Idealsguardanit - An officer of the kinship, Ideals was more commonly known as Sandbagger. He was good at leeching points and stealing killing blows. After the release of Mines of Moria, Ideals would exploit Grand Stairs and get all the loot, the best part about this was when he left the instance to run it again, Forged By Fire was standing outside after wiping. Ideals would link all the loot in the say channel and piss off Holydiver and then run back into the instance to exploit it and get more loot.

Punchington - Was very adamant of getting KotD a ventrilo so he masturbate to everyone's voice while he sat in channels and never talked.

Leca - At the time Leca was Vilya's highest rank freep at 9 when he quit. If he wasn't out in the Ettenmoors for 17 hours a day in one sitting you would usually find him in Bree at a Fell Scrying Pool, which was the only way to enter Monster Play at the time. He would stand there, sometimes for hours, and yell at other players who entered calling them "Cookie Cutters" and "Losers".... if you look at it who was the real loser in this situation? When Leca quit he was gone for a long time. When he came back during Siege of Mirkwood he couldn't cope with the changes and all the different stats that were added over time confused him. He ended up quitting again after only playing for a few weeks.

Though these were the top kinship during Shadows of Angmar, there were many more kinships that infested Vilya as well...

Para Bellum: Para Bellum was formed to be the ultimate PvMP kinship on Vilya. PB was led by the Dark Lord of Rage, Yunus. Starting off with a small group of players they seemed to be a formidable force in the Ettenmoors. Being elitist showered them with even more attention, because to be invited to a group with them you had to be in their kinship. Though Yunus was the leader of the kinship, Perseus was the PvMP leader. He was already a well known player and was considered to be a top captain, along with Teregoth and Holydiverj. Since PvMP in LotRO was lacking the kinship moved to Warhammer Online to satisfy their needs. Not even making it to the cap of level 40 in Warhammer, Para Bellum ended up back in LotRO after Warhammer turned out to be shit. To establish their dominance in the Ettenmoors and to recruit more player the kinship eventually started ruining PvE raids. When the kinship failed many times in the Watcher raid a kinship meeting was held. The meeting concluded with the merger with Forged By Fire, but it was only beneficial to Nolrandir and other officers because they were offered raiding spots within FBF. The other members were basically sold into slavery to FBF.

Key Players of Para Bellum:

Yunus - The leader of Para Bellum, was a star farming guardian who threw bodies at the creep raids in order to survive longer and gain more points. Had a bad case of RAGE! Not throwing yourself at the spears of Oculus of Nex would get you an ear full and it was better to just die for Yunus then be yelled at by him. Eventually died of an aneurysm due to raging so hard.

Perseus - The "real" leader of Para Bellum who orchestrated some of the best raids against the creeps at the time. It was very hard to understand him and it sounded like he bite his tongue and it never subdued from the swelling, but somehow made it work.

Megus - Raged hard, beat up his cats, and talked about all the high school pussy he got.... Megus was in his late twenties/early thirties. He also wanted to cut the balls off his greatest creep enemies and put them in a jar so he could proudly display them on his desk.... pretty creepy. Megus had an internet girlfriend who he played LotRO with. One day they were leveling and stopped before Goblin Town. Megus logged off and his girlfriend had had been power-leveled through the entire area. Megus of course raged super hard and went back to getting all that high school pussy.

Kinre - Megus had a brother.... his name was Kinre... Kinre raged, but when he raged tectonic plates in the earth would shift, causing earthquakes, which would devastate entire countries and kill hundreds of thousands of people. Kinre and Megus usually fought each other using in game voice and was the funniest shit ever. Kinre played creepside as Ernik, while Megus played freepside. Kinre eventually was permanently banned for possible racial slurs and an over abundance of swearing in OOC.

Nolrandir - Loot whore, horri-bad champion, Nolrandir was behind the selling of Para Bellum to Forged By Fire so he could get phat loot.

Vanya - Possible trans-gender Loremaster. Talked about her/he's bondage classes, took homosexual jokes extremely serious, and also sent a book to Rolandeschain on being a better kinship leader.

Oblivion - awaiting Arrandier's contribution....

Polaris: Polaris was composed of Korean gold farmers. They spoke little to no English and were horrible players. They would spend most of their time in the Isendeep Mine and farm tier 5 ore. They would then go on the AH and sell a stack which was 50 at the time for an over abundance of gold. Brahas, Amandering, and Mastermilly would keep to themselves and farm for gold, but Thomass was the only one who would PvP. Thomass would usually use broken English to communicate to others players. The kinship was eventually disbanded when Turbine actually cared about their game during mid SoA.

The Forsaken

Forged by Fire:

FBF, as it was known, really began its ascent to the forefront of Vilya PvE with the launch of MoM. Rolandeschain was the leader, and had taken over lead from Rutgor, who left the game during SoA. FbF pushed through radiance instances and managed to pull off server firsts in Watcher and Dar Nargubud. Rolandeschain did a good job of managing a rather colorful array of personalitieshin,

Key figures:

Rutgor: Initial founder and pvp'er

Rolandeschain: Longtime leader and builder of FbF underappreciated and obsessively harrassed. In reality a good guy with nothing but the best of intentions for his kin...yes Vanya did buy him a book and a headset...we will not go into detail here.

Mudge: A leading strat guy for FbF and decent player. Had little tolerance for peoples mistakes. One of the ones to give FbF its rep for being elitist without quite being elite. A decent to solid player who would not PvP overmuch as he was often targeted by those he ridiculed.

Frizle: greatest Pvp freep on the server but also a unbearable ass at times. Officer during Rolands days as lead. Left during my leadership because he saw through me and had to help teach me to begin with

Maxxion: A extremely snooty champion who exceled at staying alive. Officer and decent strat guy for FbF

Bruxby: Solid to sometimes great player and strat maker who was effectively the second in command as he commanded a ton of respect from those around him.

Onada: God of Trolls on the server, underneath a good guy who just needed a MMO to blow off steam

Chuknorriss: Aka Achillion now known as Certified - Best raid leader ever rebuilt Fbf many times and still can take server first on any content.

Paul: My cronie obssessed with munging

The Phoenix Rising:

Rolandeschain decided to return to Vilya after getting burnt out on Star Wars. He immediately moved to gather players to him and managed to down several of the Erebor raids for server firsts. Obviously I would say it was my absence, and the absence of quality competition that allowed for this but then the infamous bounders token event transpired. Lo and Behold, but Vilya's actual population and activity ranks towards the upper middle of all servers! With my last argument crushed I quit my job, quit paying my fake GF, dumped my boyfriend, broke my FFDP cds and 8 tracks and then stuck my head through the screen of my pre-millenial gaming rig. I now sit at the corner outside a popular internet cafe bumming money off of more inept and unsuspecting people. I access the internet through a iphone that I pickpocketed...but enough about me. PTR, as it is now known is the top endgame server on Vilya and my legacy is destroyed. Thank God I can play Hello Kitty!!!